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The MR image of the brain of Christof Koch was acquired with a General Electric 1.5 Tesla scanner. The Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography (SPECT) image was acquired while he was breathing Xenon-133 (providing an absolute quantitative measure of regional cerebral blood flow at a low spatial resolution) in addition to being injected with technetium-99 HMPAO (a compound that provides a higher-resolution perfusion image of regional cerebral blood flow). The SPECT image thus indicates brain blood flow at rest.

The images were generated in the laboratory of Dr. Linda Chang and Dr. Thomas Ernst at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center and were processed by Laurent Itti in our laboratory.

In order to view more images, click on the appropriate names. You can view Dr. Koch’s brain using various sagittal or horizontal cuts (the number refers to the slice, each slice being 3.5 mm thick; e.g. sagittal3 is the third slice, about 10.5 mm in).