by Bruce Cumings (2004). During my three months sabbatical at Korea University in Seoul, I read a lot of books about both Korea’s. I’m particular fascinated by North Korea, an enigmatic country – where 99% of the population live in a quasi agrarian, dysfunctional industrial state under highly egalitarian rule, supervised by Communist Institutions and lead by a tiny elite and an effective hereditary king – soon in the 3. generation – who is revered as a God. Indeed, this is very much a continuation of the Confucian tradition and of the way the traditional Korean Joseon kings have been treated. Cumings, a very left leaning professor from the University of Chicago makes the reader understand the seemingly crazy behavior of the North Korean, why they got to be so paranoid. Without condoning the rampart political suppression and famine that has lead to mass starvation he does describe North Korean as a consistent anti-liberal, anti-capitalistic model. The amount of brain washing in North Korea is enormous (among others, all men must spend 10, that is TEN, years in the army without ANY trip home). The end result is a state that is often unable to feed its population. Visiting the DMZ at night and lookig North, one is struck by the near complete absence of any light – they are conserving precious electrical power – or any cars. Yet Cumings argues that the regime will survive, no matter what. They learned from the collapse of East Germany.